Introducing Bene: Aged care, Italian style

After 40 years serving the senior community of Adelaide, the Italian Benevolent Foundation SA Inc. is celebrating in style by launching a whole new brand of commitment, service and passion to everything we do for seniors in our community.

What’s changing?

The board has made a joint and unanimous decision to adopt separate names for the charitable, fundraising side of our organisation and the operational entity that offers the services we deliver.

The Italian Benevolent Foundation will continue as the name associated with the overall administration of the entire organisation, whilst also driving the fundraising and essentially charitable works.

Second, the Foundation will now package all the aged care services we provide under a new trading or brand name.

Introducing Bene: Aged care, Italian style.

Bene is the Italian word for well, as in ‘I feel well’, as well as nicely, OK and right. It can also mean good.

Indeed, Bene also comes straight out of our Foundation’s name, as well: Italian Benevolent Foundation.

Bene is represented by a bright new logo and a modern, professional look, which will be appearing right across the organisation over the coming weeks and months.

Aged care, Italian style.

This represents our essential differences: the food, the passion, the respect and love of family, for all the nonni we care for and about.

What’s not changing?

Apart from clearly identifying the roles of our two entities and providing us with a great new marketing opportunity, there has been no change in the not for profit status of the organisation, its constitution or any of our principles, and the board is united in its enthusiasm for this development.

Why change?

After 40 years, change is never easy. However, even a not for profit organisation like ours needs to evolve and improve just as much as any other successful business.

As the new brand is unveiled throughout the organisation and publicly, we hope it creates some excitement.

I thank you and we look forward to celebrating this milestone 40th year in true Italian style.

Mille grazie,
Andrew McFarlane,
Chief Executive Officer

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