Board and Leadership

Bene Aged Care’s Board is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals who oversee the governance, management and strategic direction of the organisation. They are driven by a strong belief in the importance of contributing to their community and bring with them a focused passion for enhancing the lives of older people.

The Board

  • Mr Antonio Cocchiaro

    Mr Antonio Cocchiaro


  • Mr Silvio Iadarola

    Mr Silvio Iadarola

    Vice Chairman

  • Mr Ben Battiste

    Mr Ben Battiste

    Board Member

  • Dr Carmine De Pasquale

    Dr Carmine De Pasquale

    Board Member

  • Ms Anna McNair

    Ms Anna McNair

    Board Member

  • Mr Ray Ravalico

    Mr Ray Ravalico

    Board Member

  • Mr Ernie Sorgini

    Mr Ernie Sorgini

    Board Member

  • Tina Taddeo

    Tina Taddeo

    Board Member

Executive Management Team

  • Andrew McFarlane

    Andrew McFarlane

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sunny Traverse

    Sunny Traverse

    Director of Residential Aged Care

  • David Phillips

    David Phillips

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Ruth Ryan

    Ruth Ryan

    Manager Quality, Safety & Education

  • Anne Higginson

    Anne Higginson

    Manager Community Services

  • Glynis Rosser

    Glynis Rosser

    Manager People and Culture

  • Allan Quire

    Allan Quire

    Manager Projects