The kind of lifestyle we all deserve

Bene’s promise of quality care, lifestyle, credibility and strong service philosophy can be traced back to its origins. Within South Australia’s flourishing Italian community, a small but passionate group of local doctors, business owners and community leaders envisaged the Italian Benevolent Foundation SA – a not-for-profit organisation that is fortified by the cultural, spiritual, and lifestyle needs of their community. Over 45 years later, and these fundamental values remain as the legacy of an untroubled way of life that everyone can appreciate.

From these strong Italian roots, Bene has grown to support the lives of over 2,500 South Australians from all walks of life who are now more able to flourish in communities that celebrate individuality, diversity and a zest for life itself. As we grow older, simply indulging in life is something that we all look forward to. Now, through our in-home and residential care services, everyone can savour life’s simple pleasures, find laughter in great company, and embrace every new and unhurried day.