Sunny Traverse has been appointed as a Director to the Palliative Care Australia Board

Sunny has been with Bene Aged Care since January 2022 and is the Director of Residential Care. She has been appointed as a Director to the Palliative Care Australia Board.  Sunny has over 20 years of clinical experience in the Aged Care Industry. Congratulations Sunny on this appointment as it recognises your contributions and your knowledge which will help Bene to become a Brand Leader in Aged Care.

Sunny has recently joined the Palliative Care Australia Board with other esteemed colleagues including Professor Meera Agar as Chairperson. “Professor Meera Agar (PhD FRACP, FAChPM, MPallCare, MBBS (Hons I)) is Professor of Palliative Medicine, IMPACCT, University of Technology Sydney and a practicing palliative medicine physician in South West Sydney, with a particular interest in the supportive care needs of people suffering from advanced illness on the brain.”

“The Board’s priorities for the New Year include addressing workforce shortages, upskilling aged care staff, and increased investment in palliative care for all Australians when and where they need it.”

We are looking forward to seeing the contributions that Sunny makes in this role and the positive change the Palliative Care Australia Board has on the industry. You can read the full article at: Palliative care professor re-elected Chair of Palliative Care Australia Board – Palliative Care Australia

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