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  • A warm welcome to our new Clinical Management team at Bene St Clair

    A warm welcome to our new Clinical Management team at Bene St Clair Louisa Broadstock (Residential Care Manager) Louisa has 21 years experience in the Aged Care Sector within various roles. She is dedicated to person-centered care, best outcomes for Care Recipients and  keeping  families connected, in conjunction with a strong focus on team-building within the workforce. Louisa is married to Jarrod...

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  • Carmela & Mira’s story

    “I’d like to take this opportunity to say that BENE has been an absolute lifeline for both my mother in law Carmela Sangregorio, myself Mira Sangregorio and the ongoing sanity of our whole family. My mother in law Carmela is a wonderful and most gracious woman who has helped not only raise my husband and his brother but all of our children as well as her great grandchildren. She...

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  • Music Melody & Me

    Throughout our lives music plays an integral part of how we express ourselves often through emotional responses. Music transcends the need for words required for understanding, but rather touch our hearts to engage emotions and memories. Extensive research has shown, even for people living with dementia, music of a deep personal nature can play a significant part in triggering memory of lyrics and...

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  • Learning across oceans

    Since arriving in Adelaide, Saniya was surprised how quiet and peaceful it seemed, as in India, the constant honking and street noise made it quite loud and busy. Saniya is an international student from India and is about to complete the first year of  her Masters in Social Work and about to commence her work placement with Bene Aged Care.  Together Bene and Saniya have gone on a multicultural...

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  • Breathe Easy – A story of generosity

    Freedom, social connectivity and a sense of belonging are needs that we all feel, but these are difficult for some residents who live with severe respiratory difficulties, some challenges can include attending family gatherings or special occasions outside home. Through the generosity of our benefactors, a new portable oxygen concentrator was donated to Bene St Clair – Woodville.   The...

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