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  • Katharina – Bene Casa

    Bene provides wonderful carers who have big smiles when they arrive. They are happy to help in any way and carry out their tasks very caringly with compassion and respect for me. I feel that they allow me to keep my dignity. Each service that I receive through Bene is invaluable. After my operation I was unable to look after myself and Bene’s services are what allow me to remain in my home that I...

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  • Antonietta & Carmine – Padre Pio

    Coming to Bene Padre Pio twice a week has been wonderful for my husband who lives with dementia. Carmine’s memory has improved and he is enjoying being more social. For me, I have really enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and meeting new people. My friends and I loved going to Hahndorf the other day. It was just beautiful.

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  • Andrea – Padre Pio

    I’ve got to know the staff here and they are very nice and the service is good. I very much enjoy my massage in the mornings and feel stronger since I started using the senior fitness gym. The food here, always beautiful, and I enjoy socialising with friends. For me, it’s very nice.

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  • Alfredo – Italian Village

    Adoro lo staff, tutta la cura e l’affetto che mi vengono mostrati. Adoro la pasta e il pastina del la cucina Bene. I love the staff, all the care and affection that are shown to me. I love the pasta and pastina made in the Bene kitchen.

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  • Italian Benevolent Foundation 2017 AGM

    The 2017 Italian Benevolent Foundation SA Inc. Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, 29 October 2017 at Bene’s new Padre Pio Centre at Woodville North. If you would like to view the 2016/2017 Annual Report, please click on link below to download a copy or request a copy from the Head Office by contacting Karen on 08 8131 2034. Download Bene Annual Report 2016/2017 here.

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