COVID Update for the Italian Village – St Agnes Residential Care – 9th January, 2023

Dear Residents and Residents representatives,

Thank you for your ongoing support to ensure our residents are protected against COVID19.

Thank you once again to all the staff at Bene for ongoing commitment to infection control

SA Health reported approximately 5000 cases last week, based on these numbers we a
continuing with enhanced infection control measures at all sites.

Resident’s safety continues to be our priority and we encourage all residents to wear masks
when in the community.

Masks are compulsory and must not be removed whilst inside any of our sites.

Masks may be removed outside the facility however 1.5m social distancing must be adhered
to at all times.

Staff continue to be vigilant in monitoring compliance.

Please find todays COVID- 19 update- St Agnes

We currently have 2 active cases in the Lodge and 1 active case in the Nursing Home.

In total we have 3 active cases on site.

All other sites remain free from COVID-19.

Do not hesitate to contact me via email on

Many thanks,
Kindest regards,

Sunny Traverse
Director of Residential Services

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