Covid Update and Marley visits the Italian Village

13 January 2023

Dear Residents and Residents representatives,

Please find todays COVID-19 update.

I would like to thank all the staff at St Agnes for their ongoing excellence in Infection Control

We have had no further identification of cases at St Agnes.

We currently have 2 active cases. 1 in the Nursing Home and 1 in the Lodge.

We look forward to no active cases on Monday.

Marley the Golden Retriever accompanied me to work today to spend some time visiting the
residents at St Agnes.

Marley is now 16 months old and still training and making excellent progress. Marley had the
opportunity to spend some time with Fortunata this morning.

Pet therapy (also called animal-assisted therapy) for people living with dementia has
received increased attention over the last several years.

Research has also suggested that Animal assisted activities have shown a strong positive
effect on social behaviours, physical activity and dietary intake in dementia residents and a
positive effect on agitation/aggression and quality of life.

Animal assisted therapy is a non-pharmacological approach aimed at assisting and reducing
signs and symptoms associated with BPDS and dementia.

Golden Retrievers are thought of as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog with their
ability to interact with people.

Being able to stroke a soft, warm, loving dog can provide the key that opens the door to
communication for elderly people. The Golden Retriever was originally bred in Scotland in the
mid-19th century and is popular as a disability assistance dog, such as being a guide dog for
the blind and a hearing dog for the deaf.

Please take the opportunity to explore the below link for updates and stories.

Many thanks,
Kindest regards,

Sunny Traverse
Director of Residential Services

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