Celebrating Aged Care Employee Day

Here at Bene, we’re proud to be honouring our dedicated team of aged care professionals who are united by a common purpose — to bring greater joy and wellbeing to older Australians.

So who are the people that better the lives of those in our Bene community? Our nurses and personal care workers who work tirelessly to provide attentive care. Our kitchen and laundry staff and domestic workers who take pride in the hospitality that they provide. Our lifestyle staff who are our facilitators of positive ageing. Our maintenance crew who keeps everything running smoothly. Our IT team who looks after all things tech. Our administration staff who keep the organisation running. They are all, each and every one of them, respected members of our team who help to uphold Bene’s worldly values of honesty, respect, integrity, family and trust built over 40 plus years of experience.

To this, Bene CEO Andrew McFarlane says, “We thank you for the extraordinary contributions that you make, big and small. and for the care and compassion that you bring to Bene every day. You do us proud!”

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