A warm welcome to Bene’s newest team member

Bene is very excited and pleased to welcome Care Manager Kathy Smith to the Italian Village.

Kathy Smith – Care Manager

Kathy has  been nursing for the best part of 35 years with the last 17 years in the Aged Care Sector in various roles. Coming from the  Transitional Care and Care Awaiting Placement program as well as various care manager relieving roles, Kathy will bring experience to the team here at Bene and learn from you all too.

Kathy is married with 2 children, a teenage son about to go into year 12 who wants to be a pilot and a daughter in her third year of University who is studying a Business degree majoring in marketing.

Kathy feels most privileged to be involved in the care of older people and to respect and honour their life history as well as provide dignified and meaningful care every day.

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