A little touch of Italian-Style

Bene provides a new and fresh approach to aged care and community services in St. Agnes, Campbelltown, St Clair, Renown Park, and even in the comfort of their clients’ own homes.

Rather than looking to be all-things-to-all-people, Bene (Italian for well, nicely, OK, right and good) has paid homage to the Italian roots of so many families in their areas and homage to the unique style and zest for life that is Italian culture and style.

They bring the flavour of Italy to so much of daily life from activities through to the food, the passion, the respect and love of family.

Having said that, Bene is open to anyone, Italian heritage or not; if you love that unique Italian approach to life, you are most welcome with Bene.

Underpinning the life and activity are professional and experienced teams of carers, managers, caterers, maintenance people and volunteers, many of whom are bilingual.

Perhaps the best way to understand the Bene difference is to have a look at their new television commercial. It was made at the Italian Village in St. Agnes (north of Adelaide) with help from residents, staff and volunteers.

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